Gordon Family Dentistry offers a complete range of services related to family dentistry to its valued customers residing in Atlanta, GA and nearby localities. Our experts provide unmatched dental care to all members of your family, from infants to seniors. The environment is homely, and patients of all ages are looked after with unmatched care and affection.
What Is Family dentistry?

Family dentistry is what it literally means: dental care for all members of your entire family. Children are not like adults and need very special care. They are in a developing stage, sensitive, and often unable to express and fully during dental treatment like adults can. They have a very different psyche and need a very compassionate handling by a qualified dentist. Their dental problems are also different. Family dentistry demands a broad range of dentistry services similar to general dentistry. Family dentistry especially stresses upon prevention of dental problems and maintenance of oral hygiene, in addition to providing curative dental treatment.

Why Should I Visit a Family Dentist?

It is now an established fact that general health is dependent to a good degree on one’s oral health. The mouth being the gateway to the alimentary (food supply) canal of the body, a healthy mouth with good and strong teeth is essential for food intake. Visiting a family dentist has the following advantages:

  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – our family dentists at Gordon Family Dentistry will help you maintain a healthy set of teeth and the entire oral cavity.
  • Improved Oral Health – impeccable oral health will in turn lead to an excellent physical health
  • Multiple Procedures in Single Visit – A single visit to a family dentist at Gordon Family Dentistry can replace many visits by individual family members, saving trips, money and time.
  • Family Dentist for a Lifetime – You can retain a single dentist clinic from young age through adulthood and beyond. The dentist will know your oral health much better.
  • All Dental Services Under One Roof – Most dentistry services are available under one roof. You do not have to visit multiple clinics.